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Contemporary engagement Rings, Unique wedding rings, Bridal Jewellery, Custom made jewellery pieces, Italian Craftsmanship design and made with LOVE

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It's very Important to know certain information before you buy online or have custom made an engagement ring. 

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Every piece is made with passion and love

Every piece is made with passion and love

When making a custom made piece please consider the following:

Timeframe - Each piece has a different time to be produced, specially those that involve diamonds or gemstone setting. If you have an urgent request for an engagement ring or a wedding ring as it usually happens, please make sure to let me know so I can help you and speed up the production time.

Do you have a stone of your own and would like to have something designed? - I have a different range of gorgeous precious and semiprecious stones or if you have one I can also help you design something unique.

Brilliant cut diamonds are the best!

Brilliant cut diamonds are the best!

Diamonds - From white diamonds to cognac, black and the most desirable and expensive ones, PINK ARGYLE. I have them available with the GIA certificate.

Cognac diamonds - Just unique

Cognac diamonds - Just unique

Diamond and Gemstone Shapes

Diamond and Gemstone Shapes

All my diamonds are CONFLICT FREE making sure no one was harmed or exploited.

For the pave diamonds I generally prefer the E or F VS quality.

Diamonds come in different shapes, colours and have different qualities which make the price higher or lower. Have a read --> GIA Buyers guide to make the right decision

 I can also transform a family heirloom or any piece into a brand new design. I am a custom made lover!

From the sketch to the CAD design.

Each gemstone has a CAD design customised

The Square ring size is taken just like a normal round ring.

The Square ring size is taken just like a normal round ring.

Choosing your right size

Your ring size is very important. You can check the conversion chart but is best you contact me to confirm your size. I work with all international conversions.

The Square Ring

The Firenze Square ring is truly unique. You need to feel confident and sure, so it is important that you have all the information to make the best decision.

The most common concerns regarding this special ring are:

  1. Will the Square shape feel comfortable?

  2. How do I measure the size for this ring shape?

  3. How will it look with a wedding band?

  4. Are you wondering what SIZE you would be?

I am happy to answer these, and any other questions you might have

  1. The Square ring provides a comfort fit. Fingers are not round, so it will not feel strange; on the contrary, you will be surprised on how good this fits the ring finger and does not get in the way of the other fingers. If you happen to have thin fingers and big knuckles, the Square ring fits better. And the best: it will not spin because some people need 1/2 size more with big knuckles.

  2. The Square ring size is measured the same way as the round one. In case you still have doubts, and to make sure everything will be perfect, I offer a Free ring size trial (Read more).

  3. To make the look even more stunning and original, the pave diamonds Firenze Wedding Band, will create a beautiful close fit. It is designed to match and make one piece with the Firenze Square Engagement ring.

  4. The same you are for a round ring

I hope you find this information helpful to choose the right ring for this special occasion! If you need further information please contact me.



Tahitian pearls are among the most exotic, sought-after pearls on the market today. Often mislabeled as “black”, Tahitian Pearls cover the full spectrum from dark black to silver-white.

The most popular colours are bronze, aubergine, steel grey, blue, pastel or peacock colour. The colours of these exotic pearls are completely natural and guaranteed to be untreated in any way


The South Sea Australian Pearls are exceptionally rare and naturally beautiful. Nature provides a myriad of shapes, colours, and sizes, making each pearl unique. If you want to understand more about pearls and how they are classified, you can read all about "The five virtues of the South sea Australian Pearls" clicking Here 

- I only work with the best quality pearls available.

Heart Bangle with name engraved

Heart Bangle with name engraved

Complimentary engraving service.JPG

COMPLIMENTARY ENGRAVING SERVICE - From a secret love message inside the engagement ring, to your wedding date. You can add that extra special touch with my engraving service.

Square wedding ring engraved inside with date and message

Square wedding ring engraved inside with date and message